Lebron James made history today when he became the first billionaire to play in the Drew League. When it was announced that he and Kyrie would be playing in Drew League together the NBA world went crazy with excitement. Unfortunately Kyrie Irving missed the Drew League game, but Lebron still put on an epic performance scoring 42 points and 16 rebounds.

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What Did Lebron James Say to Lavar Ball at Drew League 2022? Lebron James Hugging Lavar Ball While Whispering at Drew League Goes Viral Goes Viral

Despite his legendary performance the most powerful moment of the incredible event came before the game actually started. It was a moment between the Big Baller Brand legend Lavar Ball and Lebron James that really captured people’s attention. As he was walking out to the court amidst a sea of people, Lebron James hugged Lavar Ball for a lengthy amount of time.

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As this was happening Lebron James whispered in Lavar Ball’s ear the same way he does after NBA games when talking to other players. What did Lebron James say to Lavar Ball during their Drew League conversation? That’s the billion dollar question the world wants to know for sure.

Lavar Ball has been very critical of Bronny James in the past, so it’s good to see they don’t have any issues with each other.

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Lebron looked in midseason form has he dropped his 42 points on efficient shooting as per usual. He hit his vintage fadeaways, the side step three, monster dunks, and of course displayed the fundamentally sound layup package.

Lebron and Demar Derozan combined for 72 points, and their team won by only 2 points. Plus some of the players actually caught Lebron with some good moves including a fadeaway that is sure to go viral on social media. This goes to show once again that Drew League is more competitive than some would think.

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