Lebron James Calls Anthony Davis While He's Playing Call of Duty of Livestream Causing Him to Get Shot

Lebron James and AD are true BFFs, but sometimes they hit each other up at the wrong times. In a viral video Lebron James called Anthony Davis while he was playing Call of Duty on Livestream. The interruption caused Anthony Davis to immediately get shot.

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The conversation started with Lebron saying “you in the streets huh”, Anthony Davis replied saying “nah we on COD”. After he made that statement his character got sprayed with bullets. Lebron James sounded like an old man that wants to hangout with non married younger friends.

Perhaps the best thing about this phone call was the fact that Lebron James said he was with his doctor working on his injury. Near the end of the phone called Lebron James says “I’m trying get to back n****”. Lakers fans don’t need to worry about Lebron slacking off with his injury recovery process.

Lebron is a true friend, he just calls to check up on AD. Luckily they didn’t say anything crazy during the phone call. We all know Call of Duty Livestreams always end up backfiring on athletes.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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