Jay Williams Verbally Fights Stephen A Smith on First Take for Insulting Kyrie Irving Over Not Taking the COVID Vaccine. Jay Williams and Stephen A Smith argue about Kyrie Irving refusing to get vaccinated on First Take. Jay Williams fights Stephen A Smith on First Take over Kyrie Irving comments.

When the news came out that Nets GM Sean Marks banned Kyrie Irving from Nets for not being vaccinated, many people on social media began to unwarrantedly insult Kyrie’s character for making a personal decision. Like clockwork one the most popular sports voices Stephen A Smith went out his way to degrade Kyrie Irving’s character on Live TV. Today though, Jay Williams had enough of his antics, and came to the defense of Kyrie Irving.

Jay Williams Fights Stephen A Smith on First Take for Insulting Kyrie Irving over his Anti-Vax Choice to Not get Vaccinated

While discussing a new report that Kyrie Irving is hoping to a “voice of the voiceless” in the war against Vaccine Mandates, things got really heated. Jay Williams told Stephen A Smith that his derogatory comments about Kyrie Irving just for being unvaccinated, help push a false media driven narrative that people who are unvaccinated aren’t good people. This really angered Stephen A Smith, which started a verbal fight between him and Jay Williams.

Firstly take a look the video below where Stephen A Smith attacked Kyrie Irving’s character just for making a personal decision to not take the vaccine. Stephen A Smith feels Kyrie Irving should put basketball above personal medical decisions, which is a crazy notion to make. However, it’s not surprising he feels that way, because in the same breath Stephen A Smith admitted he only got the vaccine, so he wouldn’t lose his ESPN paycheck, while attacking someone who held his personal beliefs, morals, and health above money.

Now here is the fight between Jay Williams and Stephen A Smith over his attack on Kyrie Irving’s character just for refusing to take the COVID vaccine.

Jay Williams made a great point about people like Stephen A Smith attacking Kyrie Irving’s character over a personal decision. The attacks are baseless and unwarranted, and help create a ridiculous narrative, which makes Kyrie Irving look like a villain. A man who has done more for the minorities, and donated more money to charities, and less fortunate families than Stephen A Smith has ever done.

The saddest part about Stephen A Smith insulting Kyrie Irving is that he openly admits to being a sellout. How can you proudly tell people you put a substance you had apprehensions about in your body just for a paycheck? How can you comfortably say that Kyrie Irving should put a substance he doesn’t want in his body just so he can play basketball with his buddies? Stephen A Smith values money over his own body, which is just sad.

All this shows is that Stephen A Smith is man with no morals or fortitude, who will do anything for a paycheck. Kudos to Jay Williams for exposing Stephen A Smith on Live TV, and getting him super flustered.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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