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Floyd Mayweather Talking to Commentators While Beating Up Don Moore and Dancing with Ring Girl Goes Viral

The Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore was an exciting affair that went the way most people expected. The 45 year old Floyd Mayweather looked in prime condition despite a little more body fat than his younger days, as he dominated Don Moore. One thing that stood out was that Floyd Mayweather’s punching power seems to have increased. That could be that old man strength kicking in. Floyd dominated Don Moore so badly that he wasn’t even fully paying attention to him as the match was going on.

Floyd Mayweather Dancing with Ring Girl and Talking to Commentators While Boxing Don Moore Goes Viral

Floyd showed his confidence in many unique ways during his exhibition bout with Don Moore. For example before Round 7 Floyd Mayweather turned into a ring card girl, and started walking around with the round card. Floyd Mayweather danced with the ring girl after doing this. That legendary moment was still topped by Floyd Mayweather talking to commentators while boxing Don Moore in round 6. The commentators said, ‘This is one of the things Floyd does best. His psychological warfare‘, then Floyd Mayweather told the commentators ‘I do do that‘ as he was punching Don Moore in the face. The commentators couldn’t help, but laugh hysterically.

It may be an exhibition match that doesn’t officially count, but that might be the most disrespectful moment in boxing history. That was epitome of letting your opponent know they aren’t on your level without even saying it. Floyd didn’t even take Don Moore seriously, and was still able to dismantle him from start to finish.

It might be time for Floyd Mayweather to think about having a real match again, and put his undefeated record on the line. He really looks like he would still be the best boxer alive if he wasn’t retired professionally.

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