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Did Britney Spears Yell ‘This is F***ing America’ to Victor Wembanyama After His Security Guard Slapped Her?

Britney Spears, the pop icon and #FreeBritney movement leader, has filed a police report for battery after she was allegedly slapped in the face by a member of Victor Wembanyama’s security team. The 7’3″ phenom is a 19-year-old French basketball player who was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in June 2023.

Did Britney Spears Scream ‘This is F***ing America’ After Victor Wembanyama’s Security Guard Damian Smith Slapped Her?

According to TMZ, the incident occurred on Wednesday night at Catch restaurant inside the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, where Spears was dining with her husband Sam Asghari and two others. Spears reportedly spotted Wembanyama at the restaurant and approached him to ask for a photo, as she was a fan of his. She tapped him on his right shoulder, but before he could turn around, his security guard backhanded her, causing her to fall to the ground and lose her glasses.

The security guard, identified as Damian Smith, the director of team security for the Spurs, later apologized to Spears and said he was trying to protect Wembanyama from being swarmed by fans. He also claimed that he did not know who Spears was when he slapped her. Spears accepted his apology and returned to her table.

However, Spears later decided to file a police report for battery, as she felt that Smith’s actions were excessive and unwarranted. The Las Vegas Police Department confirmed that they responded to an incident on Las Vegas Boulevard on Wednesday night regarding a battery investigation. They also reviewed security camera footage that showed Smith pushing Spears’ hand away and then her hand hitting her own face.

According to TMZ, one eye witness claims Spears yelled “This is F***ing America’ to Wembanyama after taking the alleged hit. The 2023 number one draft pick just came to America after living in France most of his life. Some people feel it was a bit racist for her to make that type of comment, if she really did.

Britney Spears Fans Want to Boycott Spurs Games Because Victor Wembenyama’s Security Guard Slapped Her

The alleged assault has sparked outrage among Spears’ fans, who have taken to social media to berate Wembanyama and his security guard, calling them “disgusting” and “trash.” Some fans have also threatened to boycott the Spurs and their games until Smith is fired, and Wembanyama himself apologizes to Spears publicly.

Spears has not publicly commented on the incident yet, but she was seen leaving the restaurant with a hoodie over her head and sunglasses on. She is currently in Las Vegas for her residency show at Park MGM, which is set to resume on July 8.

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