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A Philadelphia Twitter User Said He Hoped Kelly Oubre Jr. Gets Hit by Car 1 Day Before He Got Hit Car: Coincidence or Not?

Social media is a place where you hear people say some of the most vile things about professional athletes. In most cases these statements are usually chalked up to trolling, or just people venting out anger about a player’s poor performance. However, there are instances where a disgruntled fan’s heinous comments coincide with a real life event, which of course leads people to believe that they might be connected. Such is the case with a Philadelphia Twitter user being accused for hitting Kelly Oubre Jr. with his car by some social media users.

Details About the Kelly Oubre Jr’s Injuries From Getting Hit by a Car

As you probably know Philadelphia Sixers star Kelly Oubre Jr. was involved in a car accident in Center City on Saturday night, according to police. The incident has sparked speculation and rumors about the possible motives and perpetrators behind the crash.

According to police, a car moving at high speed hit Oubre Jr. when he was in an area near Broad and Locust Streets in Center City around 10 p.m. An ambulance had to take Oubre Jr. to Jefferson City Hospital. He suffered a broken rib, and undisclosed injuries to his hip and leg.

Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey said in a statement that Oubre Jr. is expected to miss a significant amount of time, but they don’t expect him to miss the rest of the season. He added that the team is fully cooperating with the authorities and supporting Oubre Jr. in his recovery. Tyrese Maxey dropped 50 points in his honor just last night.

Why a Philadelphia Man’s Tweet Saying He Hoped Kelly Oubre Jr. Got Hit By a Car is Fueling Conspiracy Theories

The circumstances of the accident have raised some eyebrows and questions among fans and analysts. According to 6ABC, police have evidence that a silver car was seen fleeing the scene after the accident. They did not reveal whether or not they have confirmed if that car was the one that hit him. Things get even stranger when take into account a tweet from a Twitter user named “somedude11” aka @somedude331100.

On November 10 at 9:41 pm the Philadelphia Twitter user somedude11 posted a hateful message saying, “Kelly Oubre Jr. can’t score 11 points? Bum get hit by a car”. At the time it just seemed like another fan talking way out of pocket.

Things took a unexpected turn when on November 11, WOJ broke the news that Kelly Oubre Jr was hit by a car, and it fled the scene. The Philly twitter somedude11 quickly deleted his account as his tweet started catching steam.

Philadelphia Twitter User Somedude11 Said He Hoped Kelly Oubre Jr. Gets Hit By a Car 1 Day Before it Actually Happened
Philadelphia Twitter User Somedude11 Said He Hoped Kelly Oubre Jr. Gets Hit By a Car 1 Day Before it Actually Happened Image Credit: Twitter/X
Image Credit: Twitter/X

Some people on social media think that the silver car intentionally hit Oubre Jr. in hopes of causing him harm, and was fleeing the scene after the job was done. While it could be just a strange coincidence, some social media detectives are convinced that the Philly twitter user @somedude11 may have been the person driving the car that hit Kelly Oubre Jr., although that is a bit of reach just based off the tweet.

Conspiracy theorists think the fact that the Philadelphia man allegedly deleted his account after the accident could be more evidence it’s connected, but they also may have deleted it simply to avoid further backlash for poorly timed words.

What Does the Law Define as Vehicular Assault?

According to law books, vehicular assault is defined as causing serious bodily injury to another person by operating a vehicle recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The penalty for vehicular assault can vary depending on the state, but it can range from a misdemeanor to a felony like attempted murder, and it can result in fines, probation, or even prison time.

If Philly twitter user somedude11 hit Oubre Jr. with a car, because they were mad about his performance, that would definitely constitute as vehicular assault.

Oubre Jr. has been playing great this season. He has been a key contributor to the Sixers’ success, helping them get off to a dominate start this season despite the James Harden drama. The Sixers will really miss his presence on the court, and it could cost them a lot of wins.

His energy on the court was a game changer on both ends of the floor. However, they seemed not to be miss a beat in their latest win against the Pacers. Perhaps Oubre is motivating them in spirit as he recovers.

The Sixers and their fans are hoping that Oubre Jr. will make a full and speedy recovery, and that the truth behind the accident will be revealed soon. The police are still investigating the case and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Hopefully that silver car didn’t intentionally hit Kelly Oubre Jr. Hopefully Philly twitter user @somedude11 didn’t have anything to do with it, and will refrain from wishing bad things upon people in the future.

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