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Was Michelle Johnson Cheating on Miles Bridges? Conspiracy Theory Mychelle Johnson Cheated on Miles Bridges Goes Viral

As you have heard recently Miles Bridges was arrested for felony domestic violence in Los Angeles California after assaulting his wife Mychelle Johnson at his home. Since then she has spoken out about the situation, and posted photos of the injuries she suffered from the attack. Still yet it’s not known what provoked Miles Bridges to do something so heinous to the woman he loved. This has led to many conspiracy theories behind what motivated the attack.

Details About Mychelle Johnson’s Assault Injuries

According to medical records posted on her Instagram Miles Bridges broke Mychelle Johnson’s nose, strangled her until she passed out, bruised her ribs, tore her eardrum, and gave her a severe concussion. Sadly it’s alleged her young son was watching as the assault happened according to a report from Fox News. Michelle Johnson posted photos of her face after the assault on her IG page ‘thechelleyj‘.

The medical report states that Michelle Johnson suffered a closed fracture to her nasal bone, brain concussion, strained neck muscle, rib contusion, and various bruises to her body. They described the incident as ‘assault by strangulation’.

Medical Report from Michelle Johnson’s Assault Examination
Michelle Johnson’s Broken Nose and Black Eyes
Mychelle Johnson’s Ear Leaking Vital Red Fluid

Did Miles Bridges Catch Mychelle Johnson Cheating Before the Assault? Details Behind Viral Conspiracy Theory Michelle Johnson Cheated on Miles Bridges

Considering everything that happened it seems something made Miles Bridges so angry that he didn’t even care about the consequences of his actions, and the millions of dollars he could lose. Naturally when something like this happens in a relationship that seemed healthy, the first thing people are going to think is that infidelity was involved.

This led to a viral conspiracy theory that Miles Bridges caught Michelle Johnson cheating. Some people are even convinced that Miles Bridges found out Mychelle Johnson brought another man around their kids. Tweets and comments like the one below have flooded social media platforms.

Tweet Speculating Mychelle Johnson Cheated on Miles Bridges

Based on the felony domestic violence charge Miles Bridges is facing 5 years in prison if convicted. According to law books felony domestic violence describes an act where the accused caused serious physical harm to someone that lives in the same household as them. It can also be charged to person who threatened someone in their household with a deadly weapon such as a gun, or in any case where injury was caused to a minor.

Through all the rumors it’s most important to remember that whether or not Michelle Johnson was cheating it still doesn’t condone what her husband did.