Have you ever seen a woman with a full grown beard? We aren’t talking about a transgender man, but a cisgender woman with full grown facial hair? Most people never have until the mug shot of a missing Toronto woman went viral recently. This has to be seen to be believed, and even after you see it you still might not believe it’s real.

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Missing Toronto Woman Isobella Degrace Mug-Shot With Goatee Beard Goes Viral

On June 30 around 3:00 am Toronto police received reports of a woman who went missing in the downtown area of Bathurst Street and Ryerson Avenue. In the police report the 27 year old woman named Isobella Degrace was described as a 5’10” with blonde hair and a full goatee. They weren’t trying to be funny, they were accurately describing how the woman looked.

To help people identify her they posted a mugshot, which showed Isobella Degrace’s goatee beard that would put most men’s to shame. She looks like shaggy from Scooby Doo if he didn’t shave for a few months. It’s not clear if this woman is actually a transgender man, but the Toronto Police didn’t describe her as such, so presumably she identifies as female. Take a look the viral mugshot showing the missing Toronto woman’s beard.

Missing Toronto Woman Isobella Degrace Mugshot With Goatee Beard
Isobella Degrace Goatee Mugshot Image Credit: Toronto Police

Just in case you think the picture is fake, here is the tweet from Toronto Police.

Tweet showing Missing Toronto Woman Isobella Degrace Mugshot With Goatee Beard
Isobella Degrace Beard Mug-Shot Image Credit: Toronto Police Twitter

What Health Condition Makes a Woman Grow a Goatee Beard?

Naturally people around social media are wondering how the missing Toronto woman has a goatee beard. One explanation could be the health condition called hirsutism. This condition causes a woman to have abnormally high levels of androgen, which is a male hormone. This can lead to a woman growing dark coarse hair on her face, chest, and back. Based on the photo there’s high chance Isobella Degrace has hirsutism.

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Luckily this story ended well, because police were able to locate her about 9 hours after they sent out the tweet above.

Would you take her on a date?

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