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Kwame Brown Blames Breonna Taylor For Her Own Death in Controversial Video Causing Him to Lose Fans

Over the past few weeks Kwame Brown has become on of the most popular podcasters on the internet due to his feud with Charlamagne and Stephen Jackson. In that time people have learned that he is very honest and not afraid to speak his mind on topics other people wouldn’t dare to. Such was the case in a video where Kwame Brown blamed Breonna Taylor for her own death.

As most people known Breonna Taylor was killed by police while they were serving a search warrant for her ex-boyfriend who was a drug dealer, but no longer lived with her. Although it was deemed an accident caused by a miscalculation on the police part, Kwame Brown believes Breonna Taylor put herself in that situation.

Kwame Brown pointed out the fact that it was Breonna Taylor that decided to date a man that she knew was selling drugs. In his own words he said that people need to realize that “decision making plays a part in how your life plays out”. In essence he saying that her decision to have a relationship with a criminal, led to situation where she was killed by police due to his criminal background. Kwame brown says people are “complaining about situations they bring upon themselves”.

Is he out of line or keeping it real? Take a listen.

Kwame Brown makes some good points, but at the same time it doesn’t seem right to talk about a person that has passed away in the tone he did.

Regardless of the decisions Breonna Taylor made the fact remains she shouldn’t have been killed due to police error.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff