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Did Chris Paul Punch Patrick Beverley in His Balls During Suns vs Bulls? Alleged Dirty Low Blow Goes Viral

The Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls faced off on Friday night in a game that ended with a 125-104 victory for the Suns. While the game showcased some impressive performances from both teams, such as Kevin Durant’s 20 points on 10 shots and DeMar DeRozan’s 31 points on 18 shots, it also sparked some controversy on social media over an alleged cheap shot by Chris Paul.

Did Chris Paul Punch Patrick Beverley in His Balls?

In the second quarter, when the Bulls were on a 9-1 run and had cut the Suns’ lead to six points, Paul and Patrick Beverley were wrestling for position near the free throw line. As Beverley tried to get around Paul, who was holding him back with his arm, Paul appeared to swing his fist towards Beverley’s groin area. The contact was not called by the referees, but it was caught on camera and quickly went viral online.

Many fans and analysts accused Paul of being a dirty player who intentionally tried to hurt Beverley with a low blow. Some even compared his move to his infamous nut punch on Julius Hodge in college. Others defended Paul and argued that he was just trying to get free from Beverley’s physical defense and that there was no malicious intent behind his action.

Beverley himself did not seem to react much to the incident during the game, but he has a history of animosity with Paul. The two have clashed several times before, most notably in last year’s Western Conference Finals when Beverley shoved Paul from behind and got ejected . Beverley later apologized for his cheap shot and said it wasn’t meant for Paul.

Paul has not commented publicly on his punch yet, but he may face some disciplinary action from the league if they deem it as intentional and harmful. He finished the game with 11 points, 10 assists, and 2 steals as he led his team to their 44th win of the season.

What do you think of Paul’s punch? Was it a dirty play or an accident?

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