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Who Was the Woman Moaning During Luka Doncic’s Postgame Interview?

If you’re an NBA fan, you’ve no doubt seen the hilarious video circulating of Luka Doncic’s postgame interview after the Dallas Mavericks’ Game 2 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. What should have been a routine press conference quickly turned into an X-rated affair, leaving the young Slovenian superstar red-faced and reporters in stitches.

What is the Identity of the Woman Moaning During Luka Doncic’s Postgame Interview?

As Doncic settled in to field questions from the media, a distinct sound began emanating from somewhere in the arena – the unmistakable audio of a woman in the throes of passion. At first, the rising moans seemed almost background noise, but they grew increasingly louder and more…insistent.

The reporters clearly picked up on it first, struggling to maintain their professional demeanor as smirks and awkward shuffling gave way to full-blown laughter. Doncic, ever focused on basketball, was briefly oblivious to the commotion until the crescendoing moans became impossible to ignore.

“I hope that’s not live,” Doncic quipped, his face instantly flushing a deep crimson as he realized what was happening. The room exploded into hysterics, with cameras catching the 24-year-old burying his face in his hands, both mortified and unable to keep from laughing at the absurdity of it all.

The identity of the woman moaning still hasn’t been revealed as of yet. It’s possible it won’t be for privacy reasons, but in this social media age something will come out eventually.

This is definitely going to be a viral meme. It looked like Luka never heard moaning like that before.

Luka Doncic Reacts to Woman Moaning During His Postgame Interview
Luka Doncic Reacts to Woman Moaning During His Postgame Interview

Was a Dallas Mavericks Making the Woman Moan During Luka Doncic’s Postgame Interview?

In the hours following, social media did what it does best – wildly speculate and create increasingly ridiculous narratives around the mysterious moaner. Theories ranged from a crude prank pulled by teammates, to a NSFW celebration between consenting adults getting a bit too raucous in the locker room area. The question of whether a Dallas Mavericks player was smashing a woman during Luka Doncic’s postgame interview, became a heated debate.

Some particularly creative fans even jokingly put names to their hypothetical culprits, with the most popular suspect being Thunder star Josh Giddey. The Australian has been a viral sensation in his own right this season for all the wrong reasons, which has made him the subject of many jokes and memes.

Through it all, Luka has remained his typical unflappable self. He’s wisely avoided fanning the flames, simply brushing off the incident with his trademark humility.

The Mavs’ superstar has shown a remarkable ability to keep an even keel and keen focus amid the swirling chaos that inevitably surrounds his every move. While flustered in the moment, he quickly regained his composure and deftly navigated the remainder of his media obligations without missing a beat.

It’s just another example of Doncic’s preternatural poise and maturity, traits that have propelled him to the upper echelon of the NBA before even reaching his prime.

He understands that the show must go on, distractions and all, when you’re under the white-hot spotlight of superstardom. He wasn’t about to let that woman moaning ruin his postgame interview after a victory.

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