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Stephen Curry Brother in Law Damion Lee Curses Out Luka Doncic After Scoring And 1 “Little A** Boy”

During Warriors vs Mavericks Luka Doncic got a slight flashback of Montrezl Harrell cursing him out during bubble playoffs. This time Stephen Curry’s brother in law Damion Lee cursed out Luka Doncic after scoring an And-1 layup over him.

When the camera zoomed you could hear Damion Lee saying “Little A** boy” to Luka Doncic over and over again. He got super disrespectful with it as Luka Doncic complained to the referee about the call.

Given that Luka Doncic is bigger than Damion Lee, the “Little A** boy” comment had to be a reference towards his age and not his physical stature. It also could have been a reference to Luka Doncic’s notorious incessant whining during games that has allegedly become an annoyance to many players in the league and his own teammates.

Whatever the case may be some people believe the foul language was uncalled for, but that was all just competitive nature at the end of the day. Trash talk like that it what makes the game of basketball so entertaining to play and watch.

Author: JordanThrilla

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