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Does Malika Andrews Hate Black Men? Malika Andrews Dating Dave McMenamin Trends as People Cancel Malika Andrews with Accusations of Hating Black Men and Being a Feminist

Does Malika Andrews hate black men? Is Malika Andrews allegedly dating a white man in Dave McMenamin affecting her view of black men? These questions have become viral topics of conversation after her on on-air bouts with Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins regarding Ime Udoka’s scandal, and also her strange attack on Celtics replacement coach Joe Mazzulla. Now many people are convinced Malika Andrews is a feminist who hates black men, and they want Rachel Nichols back. Her alleged relationship with Dave McMenamin is also being brought into the mix.

Malika Andrews Getting Cancelled? Details on Why People are Cancelling Malika Andrews with Accusations of Hating Black Men and Being a Feminist

As we all know Ime Udoka had an intimate relationship with a Celtics Staff member, which violated their workplace policies. His year long suspension was the result of an internal investigation conducted by an independent law firm. The relationship was described as “consensual”, which means both parties were willing and wanted it at some point. However, as of right now Ime Udoka is the only one getting punished, and Celtics confirmed that the woman involved is not facing any disciplinary action.

Malika Andrews’ feminist reactions started when she was a guest on First Take, and insinuated that Stephen A. Smith was trying to blame the woman involved. For some reason she felt that she had the authority to outright tell Stephen A. Smith “stop” on his own show only because he was making an opinion that didn’t directly attack Ime Udoka. However, she was clearly misconstruing his words for what seemed like an ulterior feminist motive. Stephen A. Smith responded to her saying “I don’t appreciate where you’re going with this. Excuse me, I listened to you. You’re the one telling me to stop on my own show. It ain’t happening”.

The next incident happened when Kendrick Perkins was a guest on ‘NBA Today’ to give his thoughts about the situation as a person who used to work for the Boston Celtics. He didn’t understand why Celtics management was complaining about the unfair treatment female employees who aren’t involved in the situation were receiving due to internet speculation since it was Celtics management who made the situation go public in the first place. In addition Kendrick Perkins said he believes the female Celtics staff member should be punished just like Ime Udoka. He didn’t understand why she isn’t being held accountable when the relationship was consensual.

In response to that a visibly angry Malika Andrews called Kendrick Perkins “irresponsible” for saying the woman should be punished as well since she was equally responsible for the relationship with Ime Udoka. Malika seemed to believe that Kendrick was basing that assessment on speculation, and reiterated about how an independent law firm decided that Ime Udoka was the only one who should face disciplinary action.

However, even when Kendrick Perkins told her that he has inside information about the situation she seemed to completely ignore that, and continued scolding him. It was another moment where Malika Andrews seemed to have a feminist ulterior motive to make, and made a black man look bad on Live TV.

Why Did Malika Andrews say Joe Mazzulla’s Arrest History on Live TV?

The most recent incident came when Malika Andrews said some negative things Celtics interim head coach Joe Mazzulla at a very random time. As others were talking about his accolades, she decided to shoehorn his arrest history from almost 13 years ago. In that moment it didn’t make any sense to even mention he was arrested during his younger days, which made people believe it was another incident of Malika Andrews hating on a black man with feminist motives.

These incidents led to social media accusations that Malika Andrews hates black men, and is a feminist. As crazy as it may sound people are begging ESPN to fire Malika Andrews, and bring back Rachel Nichols, which is ironic but not surprising.

Is Malika Andrews Dating White Man Dave McMenamin the Reason She’s Been Talking Down on Black Men on Live TV?

Some people defending Malika Andrews’ honor think the negative reactions she’s receiving is based on her exposed dating history. It’s alleged that Malika Andrews is dating Dave McMenamin who is a white reporter who also works for ESPN. However, many people also believe their alleged relationship is the reason why she’s been hating on black men so much.

Considering the timing of everything it’s easy to see why some people think the allegations that Dave McMenamin is smashing Malika Andrews could have something to do with her alleged attacks on black men’s character on Live TV. All things considered it’s starting to seem like people now think of Malika Andrews is the new Sage Steele.

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