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Was Antonio Brown’s Abuse Tweet Related to a Domestic Violence Warrant for AB’s Arrest Issued in Tampa Florida?

When it comes to Antonio Brown there seems to be a never ending cycle of chaos regarding his personal life. Even when he’s not in trouble, situations from his past come to light which spark more controversy, such as the viral nude pool video. Now he might be in trouble again, but this time it’s for a situation that allegedly happened recently.

Was AB’s Abuse Tweet Related to a Domestic Violence Warrant for Antonio Brown’s Arrest Issued in Tampa Florida?

At the moment there aren’t much details about what is happening, but according to a report from ESPN a warrant has been issued for Antonio Brown to be arrested in Tampa Florida. It’s alleged that a battery incident occurred on November 28 in Hillsborough County, which some sources are describing as a “domestic violence” situation. At the moment that’s all the information that is publicly known about the charges. One strange aspect of this situation is that on the date this incident allegedly took place Antonio Brown sent out a tweet saying, “Use-AB = ABuse”. Was that a coincidence, or was it related to the developing situation?

When Antonio Brown’s abuse tweet was first posted people thought it might be related to the rumors about Alex Guirrero harming players with his treatments. However, with the news of the AB arrest warrant stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident that happened on the same day as his tweet, now people believe it could have had a different meaning.

Was Antonio Brown making light of the charges he knew he would be facing?

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