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Tony Snell Didn’t Miss a Free Throw This Season During First 50/50/100 In NBA History

Tony Snell isn’t a household NBA name, but he sits alone in the NBA history books now. Tony Snell didn’t miss a free throw this season and went 50/50/100, which is a first in NBA history. He is only player to ever accomplish this with a minimum of 100 attempts.

His stat line this season is simply ridiculous in terms of percentages. Most of the time you hear about the 50/40/90 club, but Tony Snell is in the 50/50/100 club all by himself.

On the season Tony Snell shot 51% from the field, 57% from three, and 100% from the free throw line. Those sound like stats only a robot could accomplish. Tony Snell only averaged 5 points per game this season, but his numbers are incredible nonetheless.

The most memorable moment of his season with Hawks was when Tony Snell hit a game winner against the Raptors back in March.

With Hawks in the playoffs three point shooting and free throws will be a pivotal part of trying to win a series during crunch time. It must be good to know they have a guy that literally doesn’t miss when he’s at the line, and can knock down big shots at a high rate when the game is close.

Congrats to Tony Snell becoming the first player in NBA history to go 50/50/100 on the season.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff