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Did Tyson Fury Cheat by Intentionally Elbowing Francis Ngannou? Video Evidence Goes Viral

In a recent boxing match that has sent shockwaves through the sports world, a video showing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury possibly cheating by delivering a vicious elbow to the forehead of challenger Francis Ngannou has gone viral. The slow-motion replay captures the moment with startling clarity, leaving fans and pundits alike questioning the integrity of the fight many believe was fixed.

Did Tyson Fury Intentionally Elbow Francis Ngannou in a Cheating Attempt?

During the bout, Tyson Fury, known for his unorthodox style and fierce determination, found himself in a tight spot against the powerful Ngannou. As the two fighters grappled in close quarters, Fury’s elbow swung with precision, connecting squarely with Ngannou’s forehead. Remarkably, Ngannou remained unfazed, as if the blow had barely registered, but this seemingly innocuous elbow has ignited a firestorm of controversy.

Boxing rules are clear: using elbows is strictly forbidden. Fighters risk point deductions or disqualification if they violate this fundamental rule. Yet, to the astonishment of many, the referee allowed the match to continue without penalizing Fury for his blatant infraction. Fans and experts alike wondered why such a clear violation went unpunished.

Speculation runs rampant about Fury’s intentions. Was it an accidental elbow thrown in the heat of battle, or did Fury intentionally target Ngannou? Some argue that Fury’s frustration at being outclassed by Ngannou led him to resort to foul play. The video evidence fuels suspicions that this was no accident, but a calculated move to gain an advantage.

Did Tyson Fury Cheat by Intentionally Elbowing Francis Ngannou?
Did Tyson Fury Cheat by Intentionally Elbowing Francis Ngannou?

Adding fuel to the fire, judges awarded Tyson Fury a split decision victory despite Ngannou’s dominant performance throughout most of the fight. The knockdown in the third round further muddied the waters. Two judges inexplicably scored in favor of Fury, leaving fans bewildered and questioning their competence.

When you take into account the vicious elbow that went unchecked, it only adds to conspiracy theory that fight was fixed for Francis Ngannou to get cheated out a win.

Eddie Hearn Calls for a Rematch and Insinuates the Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Fight was Fixed

Promoter Eddie Hearn minced no words after the match. He adamantly declared that Francis Ngannou deserved a rematch due to his clear victory. Hearn’s stance resonated with fans who felt cheated by the judges’ decision. The boxing community now awaits an official announcement regarding a potential rematch.

Tyson Fury’s elbow incident has cast an ever bigger shadow over what should have been a straightforward victory for Francis Ngannou. Whether it was intentional foul play, or an unfortunate accident remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: this bout will be remembered as one of boxing’s most controversial moments.

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