Why Is LA Chargers SoFi Stadium Charging $15 For Small Slice of Pepperoni Pizza?

If you’ve ever been to a sports game then you know the food prices are often ridiculous. Things like hot dogs and fries that usually cost a few dollars or less are marked up by over 500% for no valid reason. An extreme case that has sports fans angry is LA Chargers SoFi stadium charging $15 for a small slice of pizza.

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A viral photo shows the small square slice of a cheap looking pizza SoFi stadium wants $15 for. The fan took photo during a Rams vs Chargers game. Of course to take the photo it means the fan took the L of actually shelling out the money for the overpriced food item. Sadly the SoFi stadium pizza looks disgusting too.

Why Is LA Chargers SoFi Stadium Charging $15 For Small Slice of Pepperoni Pizza?

The reason LA Chargers SoFi stadium is selling Pizza slices for $15 dollars is economics 101. Supply and Demand in a closed market means a company can jack of prices, and many people will still buy since there are no other options. Movie theaters are culprits of this too.

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Moral of the story is if you want to save money it’s probably best to eat before going to the game.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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