Kevin Durant Injures Leg Again And Leaves Game During Heat vs Nets

Kevin Durant is now one of the most injury prone players in the NBA, and the unfortunate trend continued in his latest game. During Nets vs Heat Kevin Durant injured his leg again and was taken back to the locker room to be evaluated.

The injury seemed to occur when Kevin Durant was driving to the basket and collided with Trevor Ariza. If there’s any good sign about this it would be that it wasn’t a non contact injury. Non contact injuries are the ones that are usually serious.

The best case scenario would be that Kevin Durant has a minor thigh contusion. If it’s a severe thigh contusion or worse he could miss over 1 month of action again. It seems he hit the same thigh area that caused him to miss 23 games.

All in all it seems Kevin Durant is far from the durable player he became after those foot injuries he suffered during his OKC days. Nets might have the most injury prone core of players in NBA.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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