Bucs CB Carlton Davis just made a similar mistake Meyers Leonard did to get banned from the Miami Heat. Carlton Davis tweeted a racist comment about Asian people then later deleted the tweet. In the tweet Carlton Davis said, “Got to stop letting Gooks in Miami”.


What Does ‘Gooks’ Mean?

Gooks is insensitive term commonly used to refer to Asian people of Philippine, Korean, or Vietnamese descent. This may or may not be surprising, but it’s alleged the term was invented by U.S. Marines during Philippine-American War.

Some people think his account might have been hacked, but he hasn’t spoken out about the incident yet. Take a look at the tweet below.

Bucs CB Carlton Davis Tweets Racist Comment About Asians in Miami Then Deletes It. Carlton Davis said, "Got to stop letting Gooks in Miami".

Social media continues to be the downfall of many athletes. It’s tough to imagine the thought process behind tweeting out something like this when you’re a superstar athlete.

Considering all the tragic incidents against Asians, this is the worst time make a disparaging racist remark like that.

Looking at past cases like this happening in Sports there’s a big chance Carlton Davis could be suspended or fined for the incident. He brings a lot to the table for the Bucs, so losing him for an extended period of time could really hamper their defense.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff