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Are Bronny James and LiAngelo Ball Signing with the New Zealand Breakers in the NBL Overseas?

Are Bronny James and LiAngelo Ball headed to New Zealand? A recent report suggests that the two American basketball prospects might join the New Zealand Breakers in the NBL, the top professional league in Australia and New Zealand. If true, this would be a huge boost for the Breakers, who have a history of developing young talent for the NBA.

Bronny and Gelo Playing for the New Zealand Breakers?

Bronny James, 18, is the son of NBA legend LeBron James, and a highly rated high school player who is expected to be a top-10 pick in the 2024 NBA draft. However, before he can enter the draft, he needs to play one season either in college or overseas, as per the NBA rules. According to Breakers general manager Simon Edwards, New Zealand would be an ideal destination for Bronny, who could follow the footsteps of former Breakers stars like RJ Hampton and Ousmane Dieng, who were both drafted to the NBA after playing in the NBL.

Edwards also said that he would love to see LeBron James himself play for the Breakers, joking that he could wear the No.6 jersey. LeBron has expressed his desire to play with his son in the NBA someday, but perhaps he could also consider a stint in the NBL as a warm-up. LiAngelo Ball, 24, is the brother of NBA players Lonzo and LaMelo Ball, and the son of outspoken basketball entrepreneur LaVar Ball.

LiAngelo has been trying to make it to the NBA for several years, but has faced various setbacks and challenges. He skipped college after a shoplifting incident in China, and played briefly in Lithuania and in his father’s Junior Basketball Association. He also had stints in the NBA G-League and the NBA Summer League, but did not secure a regular contract.

Lavar Ball Thinks Bronny James Signing with the New Zealand Breakers is the Right Move

LaVar Ball recently revealed that LiAngelo is interested in playing for the Breakers, who have shown interest in him as well. Edwards said that LiAngelo could benefit from playing in the NBL, which is a competitive and high-quality league that attracts attention from NBA scouts and fans. He also said that LiAngelo could learn from his brother LaMelo, who played for the Illawarra Hawks in 2019-20 and was named Rookie of the Year in both the NBL and the NBA.

In addition LaVar Ball thinks Bronny James would benefit from playing overseas in terms of maturing and growth, because he would forced to play basketball 24/7 without distractions like classes, which worked great for LaMelo’s development.

The Breakers are the Most Popular and Successful Team in the NBL

The Breakers are one of the most successful teams in NBL history, having won four championships and reached seven finals series. They are also known for their innovative and ambitious approach to signing players, especially young ones with potential. They have been part of the NBL’s Next Stars program since its inception in 2018-19, which allows teams to sign one player each season who is eligible for the next NBA draft.

The Breakers have already signed French guard Rayan Rupert as their Next Star for NBL24, but they could still add Bronny James or LiAngelo Ball as regular imports or local players, depending on their eligibility status. The NBL allows teams to have up to three imports and one naturalized player on their roster.

The NBL free agency period officially opens on April 1st, so we might soon find out if Bronny James and LiAngelo Ball will indeed join the New Zealand Breakers. If they do, it would be a huge coup for the team and the league, and a great opportunity for them to showcase their skills and improve their chances of making it to the NBA.

However, to be honest it doesn’t seem likely that Lebron will allow his son to go overseas, but only time will tell.

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