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Video: Stephen Curry’s “Can’t Live Without” Comment to Ayesha Curry Goes Viral

Stephen Curry is currently having a great NBA Finals series in hopes of getting his first Finals MVP. For someone as dedicated as he is about basketball you would think that’s the one thing he can’t live without. However, his number one passion and dedication in life lies between the thighs of his beautiful wife Ayesha Curry.

Stephen Curry Telling Ayesha Curry What He Can’t Live Without Goes Viral

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry were recently on TV talking about their personal lives. They did so by asking each other questions to see if they have similar beliefs. During one segment the million dollar question came up when Ayesha Curry asked Steph what is the one thing he couldn’t live without. With no hesitation Stephen Curry said he can’t live without making love ‘for sure’. Ayesha Curry responded by giving him a huge smile seemingly letting him know she agreed with his sentiment about making love. Naturally the steaminess Stephen Curry’s cant live without making love comment is causing quite a stir on social media.

The video of Ayesha Curry asking Steph for his eggplant hits different now.

It’s safe to the say that even if Stephen Curry never played basketball again he would be okay mentally as long as he is able to smash Ayesha Curry the love of his life on a regular basis.

Who knows maybe his shooting game in that department is even better than his jump shot during basketball games. It seems that Ayesha Curry might be better than Steph at carrying the load the offensively.