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Is Lebron James Taking Shots at Jay Z? Lebron James Raps 50 Cent Jay Z Diss Track ‘Be a Gentleman’ During Workout

Lebron James was once a profound Jay Z fan, but maybe no longer. Recent footage possibly suggest that Lebron James took shots at Jay Z. In this footage Lebron James rapped 50 Cent’s Jay Z diss track called ‘Be a Gentleman’.

The choice of music seemed strange for the workout, which leads some people believe it was actually a statement. There are many reasons Lebron might see Jay Z as an enemy now, so that assumption doesn’t seem far fetched in theory.

If you’ve never heard this ‘Be a Gentleman’ Jay Z diss track before you might be wondering why 50 Cent sounds so different. This song was from his debut mixtape ‘Guess Who’s Back?’, which was released on the independent label Full Clip Records in 2002. This was before 50 Cent changed his style to go mainstream, and before Eminem discovered him.

If you listen closely to the lyrics you’ll realize that he makes a “Can I live reference”, which is a song from Jay Z’s first album Reasonable Doubt. Young 50 Cent used to get in his bag with clever lyrics blended seamlessly with his gritty rap style.


Possible Reasons Lebron James Has Beef with Jay Z in Theory

Lebron James is basically the owner of Klutch Sports, which has quickly become one of the most prominent sports agency. On the flipside you have Rocnation, which has also become a prominent sports agency. Klutch Sports and Rocnation are direct competitors now, which makes Lebron and Jay Z enemies in the business sense. Lebron James rapping 50 Cent’s Jay Z diss ‘Be Gentleman’ might be warning shots at Jay Z to fall back a little, so they can monopolize that sports market.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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