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Floyd Mayweather Threatens to Kill Logan Paul after Jake Paul Stole His Hat Starting Massive Fight Brawl

Floyd Mayweather wants to kill Logan Paul. Jake Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather after squaring up is going viral, but the aftermath was even more intense than the altercation. During a press conference Jake Paul stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat starting a massive brawl. After everything was broken up, Floyd Mayweather threatened to kill Logan Paul while his security team had to hold him back.

At no point in Floyd Mayweather’s career has he ever sounded as angry as you are about to see in the video below. Floyd Mayweather told Logan Paul, “you think this a game, I’ll f****** kill you”.

Here is a short video of Jake Paul stealing Floyd Mayweather’s hat starting the fight. You can see longer video footage of the brawl here.

Before this massive brawl the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul match was just business. However, Jake Paul disrespecting Floyd Mayweather has made things personal.

Pray for Logan Paul when he enters that ring with Floyd Mayweather in June. The size difference between them means nothing word to Canelo.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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