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Malik Beasley Goes CRAZY Headbutts Drew Eubanks Then Gets Ejected After Trying to Play Innocent

When people hear the name Malik Beasley the first thought that comes to mind besides him being an NBA player, is Larsa Pippen. However, after what happened during Timberwolves’ matchup against the Blazers, people might start thinking of headbutts instead.

Malik Beasley Headbutts Drew Eubanks Then Gets Ejected

With about 7 minutes to go in the third quarter it was a close game 76 – 78 with Timberwolves holding the 2 point edge. It was a contest comprised of physical defense, and a growing beef between two very competitive players.

Emotions came to a boiling point during a stoppage of play when Malik Beasley headbutted Drew Eubanks after covertly squaring up with him.

Drew Eubanks didn’t retaliate at all, which indicated he was probably playing mind games before the altercation occurred.

When the referees noticed the headbutt they immediately ejected Malik Beasley, or at least start the process of the ejecting him. The funny thing was Malik Beasley tried to play innocent, and appeared shocked the referee made the decision to kick him out the game. However, on slow motion replay you could clearly see Malik Beasley headbutting Drew Eubanks with forward slide motion.

As nasty as it sounds, Drew Eubanks’ sweat actually helped save him from any serious damage of the headbutt from Malik Beasley. Instead of making direct contact his forehead appeared to slide off the side of his head. It was almost like how trainers put grease on boxers’ faces during matchups, so the opponent’s gloves will slide off during hits reducing their effectiveness.

Malik Beasley finished the game with 15 points on 50% shooting in about 20 minutes of action. Timberwolves got the win 135 – 121 continuing their impressive season.

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