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Did Kelly Oubre Jr Lie About Getting Hit by Car? Ring Camera Video and New Police Report Fuel Conspiracy Theory

A few days ago it was reported that Philadelphia Sixers star Kelly Oubre Jr. was involved in a car accident in Center City on Saturday night, according to police. The incident has sparked speculation and rumors about the possible motives and perpetrators behind the crash. However, in major plot twist there is now evidence that has people wondering if the whole story was made to cover up something else that went down night.

Did Kelly Oubre Jr Lie About Getting Hit By a Car?

When the story was first reported police said that a car hit Oubre Jr. when he was in an area near Broad and Locust Streets in Center City around 10 p.m. An ambulance had to take Oubre Jr. to Jefferson City Hospital, where he was allegedly diagnosed with a broken rip, and undisclosed injuries to his legs. Recent reports state that Sixers are expecting him to be fully recovered in about two weeks.

The circumstances of the accident have raised some eyebrows and questions among fans and analysts. According to 6ABC, police had evidence that a silver car was seen fleeing the scene after the accident. They did not reveal whether or not they have confirmed if that car was the one that hit him.

The plot twist came yesterday, when detectives revealed what they found after combing through surveillance footage from the area where the accident allegedly happened.

According to a new report a police department spokesperson named Sergeant Eric Gripp revealed that the security camera footage showed no evidence of Kelly Oubre Jr. getting hit by a car in the area where he claimed it happened.

The surveillance footage was taken from two business locations near intersection where Oubre Jr. claimed he was hit by the car, but there was no indication it happened in the two hour time window he claimed it did.

This could mean one of two things. First being that it’s possible Kelly Oubre Jr lied about getting hit by the car. It could also mean that he was indeed hit by a car, but didn’t give an accurate description of where it happened, since he is new to the city of Philadelphia, and may not be familiar with the streets and areas.

Ring Camera Video of Kelly Oubre Jr. Accident Aftermath Leaks

TMZ recently released a Ring camera footage which shows Kelly Oubre Jr. wincing in pain at his house after allegedly getting hit by car. Some people are convinced that Oubre Jr. himself or someone in his circle sold TMZ this footage, to make his story about getting hit by a car more believable. However, other people think the video is proof that the accident did really happen the way he said he did.

Why Would Kelly Oubre Jr. Lie About Getting Hit by Car?

Now you’re probably wondering what reason would Kelly Oubre Jr. have to fake getting hit by car? The answer is pretty simple, it most likely would have something to do with his NBA contract, if he really is trying to pull off a scam.

In NBA contracts there are a lot of clauses that stipulate things an NBA player can and cannot do on their own time. For example most NBA contracts prohibit players from riding motorcycles or skiing.

Let’s just say theoretically speaking Kelly Oubre Jr. injured himself doing something like skateboarding near his house that violated his NBA contract. Instead of admitting to doing a prohibited activity, he might he come to the drastic decision to pull a Jussie Smollett and fake getting hit by a car, to avoid any fines from the Sixers. Remember Kelly Oubre Jr is on a vet minimum contract, so any type of fine would be big hit to his annual salary.

Whether or not Kelly Oubre Jr. lied about getting hit by car, it’s clear that something happened that caused him to get injured. No matter what went down that night, it’s good to know that he is going to make a full recovery.

When the situation was first reported Daryl Morey said the he would miss a significant amount of time, but now he’s only expected to miss about two weeks, so things are looking up.

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