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Transgender Woman Arrested For Fraudulent Check and Assaulting Employee Goes on Rant About HIV AIDS at Truist Bank in Viral Bodycam Video

A bodycam video of a transgender woman being arrested for trying to cash a fraudulent check and an altercation with a bank employee at Truist Bank in Atlanta, Georgia, has gone viral on the internet. The video shows how the situation escalated from a peaceful inquiry, to a chaotic confrontation, to a bizarre rant in the span of 30 minutes.

How the Transgender was Caught Cashing an Alleged Fraudulent Check

The incident took place on June 27, 2022, when Chamblee Police officers received a 911 call from someone inside the bank. The caller reported that a woman had attempted to cash a fraudulent check, and then allegedly assaulted a bank employee after they caught on to her alleged scam.

When the officer arrived at the scene, the transgender woman claimed that she was innocent and did not assault anyone inside the bank.

The officer questioned the branch manager, who told him that the check was indeed fraudulent and that the woman had grabbed a staff member in the back who tried to de-escalate the situation. The branch manager said that they had the incident on video, and showed it to the officer.

The officer then proceeded to handcuff the woman, who still denied assaulting the employee and insisted that the check was valid.

The Strange Rant

The officer did not realize that the woman was transgender explained until her mother explained her gender identity. While explaining that officer, her mother also alleged that check was from Hyatt Corporation where her daughter allegedly worked, which she claimed was why she did not know why the check was coming back as bad.

The situation went way left when the transgender woman began to rant about how there was a conspiracy against her. She also made some comments about HIV and AIDS.

The Outcome

Upon further investigation, the officer learned that the name on the ID that was given to him was allegedly different from the transgender woman’s real name. It was allegedly showing a name that she was using before changing genders. The officer also confirmed that the transgender woman had indeed tried to cash a fraudulent check.

Upon watching security camera footage, the officer was also able to witness the assault that took place. In the end the transgender woman was charged with third degree forgery and simple battery. She was reportedly transferred to Dekalb County Jail.

The bodycam video of the arrest was released to the public and quickly went viral on social media. Many people expressed sympathy for the mother of the transgender woman and her plight, while others criticized her daughter’s actions and behavior.

People were showing a lot of support for the mother in the situation, because she was honest with the detectives and didn’t take sides, even though she knew her daughter was going to get in trouble.

The bodycam video of the arrest has become one of the strangest and most viral videos on the internet. The video captures the dramatic and bizarre turn of events that unfolded in the bank, from the initial inquiry to the final rant. The video shows how a simple case of fraud and assault turned into a complex and controversial issue involving gender identity, a mother, and rant about HIV AIDS.

Moral of the story here is that cashing a fraudulent check and assaulting a bank employee can get you in a whole lot of trouble, even if you try pretending it never happened when cops arrive.

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