A Bully is something that everyone can agree they don’t like. Whether you were a victim or know someone who was a victim, at some point in life we have all experienced the impact of a bully in some way. What makes bullies so annoying is that they usually pick and choose targets that they feel won’t be able to defend themselves. However, sometimes that can backfire.

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Skinny California Cheerleader Beating Up Fat Bully After Getting Sucker Punched During High School Game Goes Viral

During a recent high school game in California everything was going peaceful until a huge bully showed up to start some trouble. The bully’s target was a much smaller cheerleader. At first the cheerleader tried to diffuse the situation by telling the bully that no one wanted fight, but the bully proceeded to punch her in the face. That would end up being the biggest mistakes of the bully’s career. The skinny cheerleader beat up her fat bully badly literally pummeling her into the ground.

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It’s well known that sometimes easiest way to stop a bully from messing with you is to stand up to them. That’s exactly what that cheerleader did, and in the end it taught her bully a valuable lesson. That cheerleader was a lot tougher than she looked, and seemed to unlock her hidden strength when she was under duress.

Hopefully this situation humbled the bully, so they can lead a more peaceful course in life.

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