A video of a racist white man hurling N-word racial slurs and stereotypes while bullying a black police officer in Florida has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage and condemnation from many viewers. The video, which was reportedly filmed by Jon Minadeo Jr, a notorious neo-Nazi and founder of the extremist group Goyim Defense League, shows him mocking the black officer, and undermining his authority.

The video starts with the racist white man saying “I wonder if this guy has a dad still, or two if his mud shark mother burned the coal and paid the toll”. He continues, “there he is licking his lips for the camera. Did you know race mixing used to be illegal, what are your thoughts on that? You’re literally a walking crime and you’re policing us. This weird n***** is weirding me out, he keeps licking his lips at me. This guy has an IQ of probably 80…”. The video continues with him making comments like this while the black cop keeps calm the whole time, briefly tapping his gun.

The video is another example of how racism is a pervasive and persistent problem that affects many aspects of society, including law enforcement. Black police officers face unique challenges and risks while on the line of duty, both from civilians and their fellow officers. According to various sources, Black officers are more likely than White or Hispanic officers to perceive racial discrimination and bias in policing practices, such as the use of excessive force, racial profiling and unfair stops.

They are also more likely to face hostility and distrust from some segments of the communities they serve, especially those that have experienced historical oppression and injustice by the police. Moreover, Black officers are under-represented among the higher ranks of law enforcement agencies, despite enlisting at a higher rate than other minorities and whites relative to their share of the US population.

This may limit their opportunities for career advancement and leadership roles. Black officers also face a disproportionate threat of violence from armed assailants: over the past decade, 40% of cop killed in the line of duty have been black, while black officers account for only 9% of all officers. This footage of the racist guy bullying the black police officer conveys the kind of problems that happen.

That cop deserves an award for not letting the weak words of Jon Minadeo affect his mental mind state. In many cases a racist person says things just to get a reaction from someone, so by not reacting it makes them angrier. It’s similar to how some people get mad when another person ignores them during an argument.

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