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Gaza Journalist Captures Scary Footage of Israel Bombing Buildings Right Next To Him

Journalists are known as some of the bravest people on earth, but no one really ever talks about it. While other people run from danger, they sometimes run towards or wait for it to get once in a lifetime footage. Such was the case in a video of Israel bombing buildings right next to a Gaza Journalist who was recording.

The force of the blast sent a shockwave that slightly knocked the Gaza Journalist back, but his urge to record outweighed any fear he was feeling. It seems knowing that he could have died in that moment wasn’t going to stop him from getting footage he wanted on film. You could literally see the missiles falling from the skies.

The only thing you can hope while watching the footage of Israel bombing buildings right next to the Gaza journalist is that they were empty.

Israel clarified today that their ground troops have not yet entered Gaza after they announced this morning that Air and Ground troops had begun attacking the Gaza strip. This footage is one of the airstrikes on the area that the UN believes will lead to a full fledged war, because Palestinian militants are retaliating by firing hundreds of Rockets into Israel. All the while the death toll of innocent civilians continues to rise, especially from the heavy airstrikes.

There could be an end in sight, because recent reports say United Nations and Egyptian delegation are negotiating a ceasefire. Meanwhile nations across the world have urged people not to travel to Israel due to the recent events.

Pray for the safety of all the innocent people who are being put in harms way due to this battle. Hopefully peace comes soon for everyone.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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