Famous NBA Gold-Digger Brittany Renner Confronts Myron Gaines and Disses Fresh and Fit Podcast Setup. Brittany Renner vs Myron Gaines interview details.

Myron Gaines has made a habit of going viral for getting in arguments with popular female celebrities, and the trend continued with Brittany Renner’s Fresh and Fit Podcast interview. Like a true warrior ready for all the smoke, Brittany Renner didn’t shy away from asking Myron Gaines some bold questions about the comments he made about her before the show.

Famous NBA Gold-Digger Brittany Renner Confronts Myron Gaines on Fresh and Fit Podcast

What started off this heated exchange between PJ Washington’s baby mama and the Fresh and Fit Podcast crew was Myron Gaines saying that he warns guys about women like Brittany Renner. Usually she seems to take these kind of comments in stride, and use them as empowerment. However, in this case it seemed like she was a little agitated by Myron Gaines’ critique of the kind of person she is.

Naturally she got right to the point as Brittany Renner asked him to tell her what kind of woman she is while they are face to face. His answer to that question would really set things off as Myron Gaines told Brittany Renner she’s “not special”. In response Ms. Renner flipped the script by asking Myron Gaines if he was special, and what he gains from telling women they aren’t special.

This went into a tangent where Brittany Renner dissed the the Fresh and Fit Podcast setup, basically insinuating the show was beneath her celebrity status. In her own words Brittany Renner called the Fresh and Fit Podcast “forgettable”. It seem she was trying to convey she did them a favor by being a guest.

Who is Myron Gaines?

Amrou Fudl aka Myron Gaines became famous for his abilities to be a life coach. With a background in fitness training he started the Fresh and Fit program, which branched off into the successful podcast.

It was only a few weeks ago that Asian Doll walked off the Fresh and Fit Podcast after getting into it with Myron Gaines. In that situation his rhetoric was similar to the things he said about Brittany Renner not being special. He even told Asian Doll he didn’t know who she was.

Slowly, but surely Myron Gaines is turning into a different version of Kevin Samuels in terms of his ability to get women very mad.

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