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Anthony Davis Wheelchaired Out Warriors’ Arena After Taking Elbow to the Head from Kevon Looney

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a potential major blow in their quest for another NBA title when their star forward Anthony Davis was taken to the hospital for further evaluation after a scary head injury. In that moment of a tense Game 5 the landscape of the series may have changed drastically.

Why Was Anthony Davis Wheelchaired Out the Arena?

Davis was accidentally elbowed in the head by Warriors center Kevon Looney in the fourth quarter, and appeared dizzy on the court. He tried to stay in the game, but had to sit down on the bench before the Lakers team doctors escorted him to the locker room. There, he was unable to walk on his own and had to be put on a wheelchair according to Chris Haynes.

At first glance it appears that Davis was exhibiting symptoms of a concussion, but nothing official has been announced regarding the type of brain injury he was experiencing. He was then transported to a nearby hospital for more tests, and observation. His status for Game 6 is uncertain at this point.


Davis is a vital part of the Lakers’ success providing elite defense and versatility on both ends of the floor. Without him, the Lakers will have to rely more on LeBron James, who appeared to reinjure his foot.

The Lakers vs Warriors matchup has been one of the most anticipated and exciting series in the playoffs, featuring two of the most dominant players in the league over the past decade. However, Anthony Davis’ possibly serious brain injury along with Lebron appearing to reinjure his foot, the implications could mar the series, and put a damper on the fans’ expectations.

The Lakers, who lead the series 3-2, will have to close out the Warriors on their home court, but they might be without Anthony Davis. Concussion protocol could cause him to potentially miss game 6.

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