Jimmy Butler Agent Bernard Lee Curses Out Shams Charania For Alleged Fake Miami Heat Story

Did Shams Charania report a fake Heat story? Shams Charania is one of the most trusted sports news sources in the world today, but Jimmy Butler’s agent put his credibility on blast in a swearing filled rant. It all started with the report from Stadium that there was trouble brewing behind the scenes between Jimmy Butler and Heat personnel. In response Jimmy Butler’s agent Bernard Lee cursed out Shams Charania claiming the story was fabricated.

Among the many cursed filled insults in his rant Bernie Lee called Shams Charnania an “ambulance chasing dirt bag”. You could feel the anger he was probably feeling while writing the message when your eyes came across those words. An “ambulance chaser” is a derogatory term used to described unethical lawyers who seek out accident victims encouraging them to sue, sometimes knowing their client will lose money. Bernard Lee was using that as an analogy for his claims of Shams Charania’s fake Miami Heat story being created for click bait clout.

Jimmy Butler Agent Bernard Lee Curses Out Shams Charania For Alleged Fake Miami Heat Story

This was the Shams Charania’s Heat report that set off Jimmy Butler’s agent Bernie Lee.

The real question now is did Shams Charania make the story up, or did he receive bad intel from a source trying to make him look bad? There’s also the possibility Jimmy Butler’s agent is saving face.

So much mystery around this situation.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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