Deshaun Watson Me Too'd? Lawyer says Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Deshaun Watson

Is Deshaun Watson is getting Me Too’d? It appears multiple sexual assault charges have been filed against Deshaun Watson. It comes at the worst time, because this would seriously hamper his trade value. This also could be the reason Texans signed Tyrod Taylor.

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The message revealing upcoming sexual assault charges against Deshaun Watson was posted on Instagram by an alleged lawyer and former Marine who goes by Tony Buzzbee. He is planning to use this case against Deshaun Watson to set an example that crimes shouldn’t be overlooked due to someone’s status. In his message he said the sexual assault cases against Deshaun Watson isn’t about money, but rather “dignity and stopping behavior that should be stopped”.

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Deshaun Watson Me Too'd? Lawyer says Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Deshaun Watson

Recent reports say Deshaun Watson wants to play with 49er or Broncos, but a looming sexual assault case over him could make them very hesitant to pull the trigger on that deal. Just look what happened to Antonio Brown’s trade value when he had a civil suit against him. However, the same way Tampa Bay took a risk with him and it paid off, might be the way teams are looking at Deshaun Watson with these new allegations against him.

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Deshaun Watson is now a high risk high reward player, unless he can clear his name in a short amount of time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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