Lately Mike Tyson has been going viral due to an altercation he had with a heckler during a plane flight. Since then he’s been back to his usual calm demeanor until something crazy happened again, this time with a female fan. Luckily during this incident no punches were thrown.

Mike Tyson Almost Fights Female Fan Who Almost Put Her Finger in His Mouth

A recent FightHype video captured the moment Mike Tyson was taking pictures with fans during what seemed like a normal meet and greet. Everything was going smoothly until one woman did something that really ticked Mike Tyson off. As you’ll see in the video below a woman put her hand in Mike Tyson’s face for some unknown reason.

Due to the fact that she was standing behind him while doing so, the women’s finger inside Mike Tyson’s mouth was less than a centimeter away from becoming reality. Immediately anger filled his emotions as Mike Tyson yelled at the female fan causing a major commotion. Luckily after a few moments things calmed back down, Mike Tyson warned the woman not to do that again, she apologized, and he kept taking pictures as planned. The incident happens around the 35 second mark of the video.

One can only imagine what that woman’s finger smelled like, so close to Mike Tyson’s nose.

Mike Tyson is a much more mellow guy than the person he was in his prime as a boxer. That might have a lot to do with his new found love for marijuana. It’s widely known that he smokes a lot before public events. He even admitted smoking before his match with Roy Jones Jr.

Nevertheless one thing that makes him very mad is when fans don’t respect his boundaries.

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