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How Disney Helped Woman Catch Her Husband Cheating With Nanny of Their Kid

We’ve heard some crazy stories about Disney in the past, but none have been quite as unexpected as the recent story of how an old Disney Land trip led to the demise of a marriage. Recently TikTok user @ibizadaze posted a story of how Disney helped catch her husband cheating with their nanny indirectly.

How Disney Helped Woman Catch Her Husband Cheating With Nanny of Their Kid

This strange cheating story was revealed by a woman named Natalie who as aforementioned has a TikTok account under the username @ibizadaze. This emotional tragedy started after Natalie was going through old photos of a family trip to Disney Land. On this trip she and her husband took their Nanny with them, so it would be easier for them to spend some alone time together. However, she would soon realize that bringing the Nanny on the trip actually helped her husband’s adulterous escapades.

While looking at a photo from the Disney Land Ride ‘Splash Mountain’ Natalie noticed that her husband and the Nanny were holding each other close in a seat behind her. They were snuggled up more closely than people who aren’t in a passionate relationship should be. This was an immediate red flag that her husband was cheating with the Nanny, and of course she was right.

Image Credit: @ibizadaze TikTok

The Nanny Caught Cheating by Disney Land Ride Filed a Police Report Against Natalie

After realizing her husband was cheating Natalie told her TikTok followers that she went crazy with anger, which led to the Nanny filing a police report and restraining order. She claims that she is now not allowed to go to her own old house where the Nanny and her Ex-husband live together after she filed for a divorce. She can’t even pick up her own daughter when she is there with them. However, she doesn’t regret going berserk on the nanny considering what she did to ruin her marriage.

Natalie’s Ex-Husband Got the Nanny Pregnant

Natalie has given her TikTok followers regular updates about the tragic situation that ended her marriage. One of the most shocking developments is that her ex-husband and the Nanny are now expecting a child together. She admitted that she realizes that they probably really love each other despite the fact their relationship started while she and her husband were still married. However, she still got the last laugh with the newest update about their situation.

Natalie’s Ex-Husband Cheated on the Nanny Recently

While this situation is very sad for Natalie, according to her something hilarious happened recently. She claims that she learned her ex-husband cheated on the Nanny the same way he cheated on her. Talk about karma coming for the Nanny. Take a listen, and press the unmute button if you hear no sound.

There’s an old saying that goes “once a cheater, always a cheater”. The basis of this argument is the belief that if a relationship started by cheating than the person who cheated will likely cheat on you too. This situation is a perfect example of that of why that statement is widely believed to be a fact.

In the end both the Nanny caught cheating by a Disney ride and Natalie lost by choosing a man that will cheat on any woman he impregnates. However, the Nanny takes a bigger L than Natalie for sure considering she is now going through the same horrors she put someone else through.

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