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Disney Kids Movie “Out” About Gay Man Name Greg Living In the Closet Sparks Cancel Disney+ Controversy

Disney Plus getting cancelled is trending again, and this time it’s not about Gina Carano. A Disney Plus kids movie called “Out” that highlights a gay man named Greg living in the closet and his path to coming out the closet is sparking controversy among parents on social media.

The teaser for this short film “Out” shows Greg kissing another man. Some parents feel the pretense of the movie is too adult to be PG rated film. Some parents said they will be cancelling Disney+, while others said they have to watch it first before making that decision.

Here is an example of one viral post about it from social media.

Disney+ "Out" kids movie causing parents to cancel Disney Plus

Are these parents being homophobic? Or has Disney lost sight of what should be rated PG on their streaming platform? To be fair it’s not often you see a kids movie centered entirely around somebodies secret $exual orientation. Perhaps these parents think this can confuse the growing mind of a small child. However, it’s also easy to see why some people would say that parents complaining about this are being slightly homophobic.

In the past we have seen Netflix remove movies from their platform after it caused similar controversy, but will Disney Plus do the same? Only time will tell.

Author: JordanThrilla