MultiVersus has no doubt taken the gaming world by storm. The Super Smash Bros. like game is free to play, but delivers the experience of a game that should cost $60. Recently Lebron James’ character from Space Jam was added to the game, and now is caught in racial controversy over a strange move that the white character Velma does.

Video: Is MultiVersus Racist? Velma Calling Police Lebron James’ Character in MultiVersus Goes Viral

In our society due to statistics showing that police officers act differently based on the race of a suspect, there is a stigma around white people blaming black people for a crime when Police arrive at a scene. We have all seen real life videos where a white person starts an argument with a minority, then threatens to call the police despite being the aggressor. One example is that viral situation where a white woman lost her iPhone then blamed it on a black person, only because they were black.

In MultiVersus Velma who is a character from Scooby Doo has a move where she calls police then blames the crime on her opponent even if they didn’t do anything. The move either intentionally, or unintentionally plays into racial stereotype of white women calling police on black people who are innocent. Now people are convinced the MultiVersus is racist after a YouTuber posted footage of Velma calling police on Lebron James’ character. As you’ll see the footage looks and sounds all kinds racist on the surface.

The short video now has over 9 million views showing the amount of emotions it has struck in people who witness similar situations happening in their day to day lives. Whether it was intentional or unintentional it definitely makes MultiVersus seem racist. Perhaps the developers should think about removing that move from the game.

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