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Keyon Harrold iPhone Theft Debacle Goes Viral After Accusations from Random Long Toed Karen

A Keyon Harrold iPhone Theft debacle is going viral after accusations from a long toed Karen. The video shows the woman assaulting his 14 year old son as they came down from their room at Arlo Hotel. They were just trying to eat breakfast at Arlo Soho, when the all hell broke lose.

Somehow the white woman who lost her iPhone jumped to the conclusion that Keyon Harrold’s son stole the iPhone. The crazy thing is the manager of the Hotel seemed to help the white woman falsely accuse him. What’s more crazy is the white woman wasn’t a guest at the hotel, but the manager was still quick to help her instead of the people who were actually staying at his hotel.

Was this an incident of racial profiling in full effect? According to Keyon Harrold he didn’t get an apology from the woman or the hotel manager, after it was confirmed the iPhone wasn’t stolen.

It turns out the woman had mistakenly left her iPhone in the car of an Uber driver, who later returned it to her. Now everyone will know that this Karen with long toes racially profiled a 14 year old, now that the Keyon Harrold iPhone theft debacle is viral.

Author: JordanThrilla

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