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Elder Ellie Henry Leader of Seventh Day Adventist Group and His Family Kidnapped in Haiti For Ransom

There is very disturbing news coming from Haiti. Elder Ellie Henry the leader of a Seventh Day Adventist group and his daughter have been kidnapped in Haiti for Ransom.

According to reports from Adventist Today, Elder Ellie Henry and Irma Henry were kidnapped while exiting Haiti Adventist Hospital. The hospital is located in the bustling town of Port-au-Prince, which is a frequent vacation location for many people who visit Haiti during the Christmas Holidays. The kidnapped Seventh Day Adventist leader and his daughter were last seen leaving in vehicle, but never made it to their destination.

The photo below of the two is from Adventist Today.

Police reports state that the kidnappers have reached out to US relatives of Elder Ellie Henry asking for $5 Million. They have allegedly guaranteed their safe return only if their demands are met.

Irma Henry holds an important position at the Haiti Adventist Hospital, where she serves as the Chief of Physical Therapy. This may be part of the reason they were targeted.

Let’s hope and pray for their safe return. This is among the worst type of news a family could hear during Christmas Holidays.

Author: JordanThrilla

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