On Christmas day most kids get innocent presents like a Legos set or a toy car, but in some households things are a bit different. King Von’s son got a gun for Christmas, and people are very shocked.

When you think about the fact that King Von died after getting shot, you would think his mother would do everything to help his son shy away from the same lifestyle that led to his father’s death. However, a viral video shows King Von’s son receiving the gun gift, and someone asking him “How do you work it“.


In the hood there’s an old saying that goes “The cycle will continue”, but hopefully it isn’t the case here. However, it seems King Von’s son already has some knowledge of how to use that gun.

Hopefully King Von’s son grows up feeling safe, and never has to be in a situation where a gun needs to be used to protect himself.

This was truly sad to see, but at least his son seems somewhat happy. RIP King Von.

Author: JordanThrilla

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