Sauce Walka Robbed in Houston: Rim Thieves Leave Sauce Walka Mercedes Car on Bricks

The self proclaimed king of Texas Sauce Walka was robbed in Houston. A viral video shows rim thieves left Sauce Walka’s Mercedes car on bricks in a parking lot.

Presumably Sauce Walka had some type of security device on the expensive rims he had on that car, so the people who hit him must have been some veterans at doing this. There’s also the possibility it was an inside job.

It seems strange for someone with as much clout in Texas as Sauce Walka to get robbed this way, but he does have beef with a lot of people.

If Sauce Walka had good insurance on those rims he might be able to recoup the loss. Going by his track record he will probably respond to to his car being left on bricks in a very bold way.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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