Saweetie Goes Milli Vanilli: Saweetie Caught Lip Syncing During "Best Friend" Performance with Doja Cat

Social media is buzzing after what many people are saying was Saweetie’s worst performance ever after her “Best Friend” set with Doja Cat. People are now calling Saweetie “Milli Vanilli”

Why Are People Calling Saweetie Milli Vanilli After Her “Best Friend” Performance with Doja Cat?

What made the performance super cringe to many people was Saweetie Lip Syncing badly through the entire performance. Doja Cat is usually a great performer, so it made Saweetie’s Milli Vanilli moment standout even more.

On social media some people are insinuating that Saweetie is a culture vulture who doesn’t take the hip hop craft serious. Does this performance really support that sentiment? Take a look.

Throughout the performance it seemed like Saweetie was more worried about being in front of the camera and dancing rather than actually rapping her music. It made it seem like she wasn’t giving any real effort into actually performing her song, but just liked the fact she was getting camera time to dance. If that was the case, then you could deem it a culture vulture moment theoretically. Ironically a lot people believe Doja Cat is a culture vulture as well, especially with her controversial chat room incidents.

Every artist has that one performance they want to forget about, for Saweetie this may be it. She can only improve from here on out if she takes the backlash as constructive criticism.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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