Recently news broke that Nene Leakes’ son Brentt was suffering from congestive heart failure after a stroke. While the situation is new to the general public, apparently this was something her family was dealing with for the past two weeks. Recently she spoke out on Instagram describing how she feels, and giving fans an update on her son’s health and what might have led to the heart attack.

What Caused Brentt Leakes’ Heart Attack Stroke? NeNe Leakes’ Reaction to Her Son Brent’s Stroke Reveals Mystery Behind his Health Condition

In a very emotional message on Instagram Nene Leakes described how scary the situation she’s going through as a mother is, and talked about the outpouring of support she’s receiving. For her it seems one of the scariest aspects of her son’s declining health is not knowing the root cause of the heart issue. Based on her statement doctors don’t know what caused Brentt Leakes heart attack and stroke, but they are theorizing he might have had an underlying health condition, or disease that was not caught earlier in his life.

In her statement she wrote, “It was very scary. I don’t even want to go into details of what happened and how I found out, and what condition he was in. Obviously, a stroke is a very serious thing, so he’s struggling speaking. They’re thinking that maybe Brentt was born with some sort of disease, or something with his heart since he was a kid, and it just never showed up until now. Brentt FaceTimed me this morning, he’s in good spirits. You know, we just are just shocked. Just keep praying, and I will speak to you guys whenever I can. Again, he has shown some improvement. I know we’re really happy and blessed for that. Just keep us in your prayers”.

As aforementioned based on her statement is seems doctors are trying to figure out if Brentt Leakes had a heart defect. However, she also made sure to clarify that his weight had nothing to do with his heart condition as you’ll read below.

Did Brentt Leakes Weight Lead to His Heart Attack? NeNe Leakes Responds to People Saying Her Son Being Overweight Caused his Stroke

Naturally because Nene Leakes’ son was fat some people are convinced it may have impacted his heart health leading to the scary situation he’s in. However, Nene Leakes’ seems to be sure that his weight had nothing to do with his health situation. In a response reacting to people who are blaming her son’s weight on his heart attack she wrote, “So many people keep asking me about his weight. I’m like, he’s not as big as people think he is. He’s a super tall guy, and the doctors say that it’s not that, either. So, this is something else that we’re dealing with, that the doctors don’t even know yet. So, I don’t know. I will just keep praying that we find the cause, because once we find the cause, we’re able to treat the cause and, obviously, that’s what we want to do”.

Unlike a normal heart attack a stroke blocks blood flow to the brain, which often times leads to part of the brain dying due to lack of oxygen. This is why often times people lose their ability to talk or move certain parts of their body after suffering from the condition. Brentt Leakes is only 23 years old, so his young age works in his favor in terms of making a full recovery.

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