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Was Joe Biden Sleeping During Press Conference With Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett?

The phrase “Sleepy Joe” is trending on social media after what appeared to be a presidential case of falling asleep on the job. A viral video shows what people think is Joe Biden sleeping during his meeting with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. However, there is debate around what was actually going on during those few moments.

Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep During His Press Conference with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett?

In the video Joe Biden’s head and eyes are hanging low in an angle looking directly towards the ground, or so it seemed. He didn’t appear to be moving much, besides a slight movement of his thumb area at one point. From the outside looking it appears Joe Biden was sleeping as Israel PM Naftali Bennett was talking.

However, what’s not shown in the video could prove that Joe Biden wasn’t sleeping, unless he woke up and knew exactly how to respond on the spot. The latter would be very impressive, and embarrassing all at the same time.

This is allegedly the moment right after Naftali Bennett stops talking. Joe Biden alertly responded to his comments.

Did he wake up that quickly, or was he already awake? That’s the million dollar question.

Whatever the truth is about the allegation Joe Biden was sleeping during his meeting with Israel Prime Minster Naftali Bennett, this would be the first major time he was hit with an international “Sleepy Joe” scandal as president.

It’s a peculiar situation, because if he really was sleeping it would prove his naysayers wrong, and right at the same time. They would be right in the sense of him not being able stay awake during important job duties, but wrong in terms of the level of his cognitive ability, which is still questioned by some people. Waking up from slumber, and still alertly responding to words you didn’t hear takes some quick thinking to pull that off.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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