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Video Showing Student Possibly Smoking Weed Blunt in Classroom During Class at High School Goes Viral

2022 hasn’t been a great year for the American schooling system. Whether it has been massive fights, shootings, or false alarms, students across the nation today are handling more mental stress than ever just trying to get through each school day. Based on a video going viral it seems some students are handling the extra stress by using class time to possibly get high, which spells a whole new set of problems for school officials.

Details About the Video Showing a Student Possibly Smoking a Marijuana Blunt in a Classroom During High School Class

For most students the thought of trying to smoke weed in a classroom during class would be one of those things it would be easy to never do. Taking that course of action is almost guaranteed to get in you trouble, and just doesn’t seem worth the risks. However, as we all know the school environment of today has been so chaotic that the mindset of some students has changed completely. In that regard it’s not surprising to see possible footage of a student smoking a weed blunt during class, but it is still shocking. What are the chances this video is fake?


Some of the reactions to the video have been classic.

This student has definitely become an internet legend, but for all the wrong reasons. Being known as the guy who smoked weed during class could lead to some serious issues with school he’s attending.

Where was the teacher when this was going down? How do the parents feel about the situation? So many layers of drama that could unfold if the video is real.