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What is ‘Jizzy Jewelry’? Details on Why Women are Wearing Jewelry Made from Semen

Image credit: TikTok/amandaldbooth

In most cases the only time you will see semen on woman’s body is in an adult film, or if you are male making love to a woman and it gets on her. However, there is new trend which completely changes the scope of what it means for a woman or anyone for that matter to have semen on their body. The people who are partaking in this new sperm wearing trend do it for various reasons.

What is ‘Jizzy Jewelry’? Details on Why Women are Wearing Jewelry Made from Sperm

Jizzy Jewelry is the fancy term coined to describe jewelry that is made with semen. With the help of some simple techniques the sperm from willing donors is turned into pearl necklaces, earrings, or rings that can be worn for years. As you might expect the process in making semen jewelry is quite nasty, and it apparently still has the odor of the white substance. It seems there are three important steps to successfully making these unique clothing accessory.

According to video posted by TikToker amandaldbooth who is a sperm jewelry maker, she gets semen samples sent to her workshop, which are then dehydrated, crushed into a powdered form, then sculpted and baked into pearl shaped beads which are use in jewelry. She makes them at the end of her workday, because of the strong semen odor the creation process produces. In most cases the sperm samples are from the husbands of women who want to jewelry made from the natural juices of the love of their lives. In that way the semen jewelry in sentimental. However, in some cases it’s worn as a fetish.

Take a look at amandaldbooth’s video showing the process of making Jizzy Jewelry.

Image credit: TikTok/amandaldbooth

Jizzy Jewelry could change the scope of engagement rings forever. What would be more romantic than a man giving the woman he loves a ring made from his semen after asking her to marry him? No matter where she is as long as that ring is on her finger she would literally have a part of him physically with her.

An interesting question that some people are wondering is if woman wears face jewelry made from semen does that count as a facial?