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Is This the Greatest or Scariest Advertisement Ever Made?

A 3D advertisement that shows a Lion breaking out glass is going viral. Due to the location it has people trying to decide whether it’s the greatest or scariest advertisement ever made?

The giant advertisement was placed right over a busy street and shopping center, so it appears the Lion breaks out the glass and jumps out into the street. Naturally people have started recording it, because of the fear it brings to pedestrians passing by.

Now THIS is good advertising!

Technically speaking it would be a great advertisement, because anyone who sees it will never forget it. Sometimes invoking the emotion of extreme fear can be greatest tool in marketing. At the same time this 3D lion advertisement is so scary that it may distract from what the actual product was, which would make it an ineffective advertisement in theory.

In reality this is could be one of the greatest, worst, or scariest advertisements ever depending on who you ask.

Author: JordanThrilla

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