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Video Showing Lord Rothschild Explaining How His Family Created Israel Fuels Conspiracy Theories Amidst Israel vs Hamas War

A video of Lord Rothschild, the head of the famous banking dynasty, discussing how his family helped create Israel is going viral on the internet, and fueling conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family’s involvement in the current Israel vs Hamas war.

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube many years ago by a channel called Conspiracy Zone, shows an interview of Lord Rothschild by Daniel Taub, a former Israeli ambassador to the UK, as part of the Balfour 100 project, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

How Lord Rothschild Was Involved in the Balfour Declaration That Allegedly Helped Created Israel

The Balfour Declaration was a letter written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild in 1917, expressing the British government’s support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. The letter, which is kept at Waddesdon Manor, a property bequeathed to the nation by the Rothschild family, is considered by many as a key document in the history of Zionism and the creation of Israel.

In the video, Lord Rothschild reveals how his ancestor Walter Rothschild received the letter from Balfour, and how he was involved in drafting its wording. He also talks about his family’s connection to Israel, and their support for various projects there.

How Video is Fueling Conspiracy Theories about the Rothschild Family’s Involvement in the Israel vs Hamas War

The video has been viewed more than 858,000 times and has attracted thousands of comments, many of which are negative and accuse the Rothschild family of being behind a global conspiracy to control the world’s finances, media and politics.

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that the Rothschild family is orchestrating the current war between Israel and Hamas, a militant group that rules Gaza and has fired thousands of rockets at Israel in response to its airstrikes, that were retaliation for their surprise attack that took the lives of many innocent civilians, including tourists from other countries.

The conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family are not new and have been circulating for decades, often with antisemitic undertones. They are based on claims that the Rothschild family has amassed enormous wealth and power through banking, war profiteering, and manipulation of governments.

The reactions to the video of Lord Rothschild discussing how his family created Israel is just one example of how public opinion on complex and sensitive issues such as the Israel-Palestine conflict, can be very diverse.

The conflict, which has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions over the years, has its roots in historical, political and religious factors that go beyond the scope of what the average person can imagine. All that we can hope from the outside looking in, is that peaceful solution is found soon, so the war can end.