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Military Video of Aguadilla Puerto Rico UFO Splitting at 120 MPH Has Scientists Stumped

A military video of an Aguadilla Puerto Rico UFO splitting at 120 MPH has scientists stumped. The footage shows the fast moving UFO make impact with water before perfectly splitting in two fast moving objects.

Military personnel and scientists say the object in the video was 5 feet in length, and has been confirmed not to be a balloon or aircraft. It’s alleged that this footage has been studied for over 1000 hours. The video was leaked after a meeting conducted by the UAP team created by US Defense Chiefs. The Scientific Coalition for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is now urging the US government to make more footage like this widely available for public disclosure.

In essence this is the real deal, no gimmicks, no tricks, just another allegedly confirmed UFO video. Take a look.

The Aguadilla Puerto Rico UFO is moving so fast in the video above you don’t realize it splits. The video below is a slowed down version of the footage above, so you can clearly see when it happens. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this footage besides the UFO splitting is the fact that it doesn’t cause a splash in the water despite submerging itself at 120 MPH.

One thing these recent military UFO videos all have in common is that they all seem to eventually go underwater. Ironically the water is one of the most unexplored aspects of the planet earth in part because we still don’t have technology good enough to go the deepest depths of the oceans for long periods of time. This would make it the perfect place for UFOs to hide while they study us in silence.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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