We’ve all heard of the theory that we are just NPCs living in a highly advanced computer simulation. In our everyday lives it’s really tough to find definitive proof of that, because even if it were true the simulation would be programmed to make sure we never find out. Still yet as with any computer program there is the chance of a glitch happening, and a viral video could be proof of that.

Does The Viral TikTok Video Showing Airplane Not Moving in Sky Prove the Computer Simulation Conspiracy Theory?

A TikTok video posted by TikToker @lesxbalboa appears to show a plane frozen in midair. The footage defies all known laws of physics, because there is no technology that allows an airplane to stand still in mid flight. What makes the footage so strange is that the TikTok user also claims she saw another plane fly past this aircraft that wasn’t moving. If that doesn’t throw you for a loop the TikToker saw that same plane in the same spot two days later.

Upon further research this isn’t the first time this “glitch” has been spotted by people.

Maybe this is just part of the programming the people who created our simulated universe couldn’t master properly, or it could just be an optical illusion based on the weight and lift the planes in those moments.

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